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“Return to Sender” is an open invitation to write letters during times of isolation throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Download & print here to start a letter exchange with someone you love.  If you are unable to print a letter(s) but wish to participate in this community project, please contact me through the "about/contact" page to receive your letters: :-)

A partially opened envelope. The opened front flap is flanked by two images of the same fence: one image of the fence in the spring sun (Right), and another of the fence in the winter snow  (Left).
The envelope is folded: the top flap shows a cloud, and the two sides show the images of the same fence during Spring and Winter.
The envelope is unfolded and laying in the shape of a diamond. This outer part of the envelope has a cloud image in the top corner. In the left and right corners of the diamond are images of the same fence on two different occasions: one during the snowy winter and another in the Spring. In-between the two fence images, in the center of the envelope, is an image of an ivy-covered chimney. A “Connect the Dots” game forms the shape of a house around the ivy-covered chimney. Negative space leaves room for the sender to write an address and place a stamp for the USPS. The bottom corner of the diamond has space for the viewer to write the date and time they receive the envelope.
The envelope is unfolded and laying in the shape of a diamond. This inner part of the envelope is filled with North Carolina nature images and interactive word games. Each word game and image is engulfed by negative space.   The top of the paper has a maze in the shape of two hands touching. Beneath is the title “Return to Sender,” flanked by two clouds.   On the left flap is a word scramble: The title of the word scramble is “Any [insert word here] for my friends” The scrambles in order are “UORH,” “MTINEU,”TRTLEE,” and “DHNA.” To the right of the caramel is an oval-shaped image of a flooded bridge.   In the center of the page is a word search. The words in the search form the following sentence “Circles and TV-show reruns today then something else tomorrow night?”  In the right corner is another oval-shaped image of the opposite side of the flooded bridge, with a blank space for the viewer to write a “Note to Self:”
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